Who is Techionista?


Hi! We are Techionista

Techionista is dedicated to empowering women through technology. This is desperately needed, as diversity in the tech world has a disappointing record. In the Netherlands, for example, 90% of programmers are men. Over the next 5 years, 7 million jobs worldwide will disappear as a result of emerging technology. A number of jobs will also be created (approximately 2 million). But these will all be tech-related. Even now, companies are unable to fill their vacancies with highly trained staff (and that is not including the male/female discussion). If we then take a closer look at women: for every 20 jobs that disappear, women will find just one job again. For men, this ratio is 1 to 4. That is quite a difference… There are opportunities for women, but also absolute necessities. If we don’t act now, lots of women will miss the boat. That is where Techionista comes in!

Techionista operates from within three labels: the Techionista Agency, the Techionista Academy and the Techionista Company.

* According to the World Economic Forum

Techionista Agency: It’s all about inspiration

From within the Techionista Agency we inspire women (and men) through Technology. We do that by talking a lot about ICT and technology. According to the Inspiring Fifty Techionista’s founder Vivianne Bendermacher is ‘one of the best-known public faces in the Dutch tech scene’. She spreads the word about technology by appearing on daily TV shows like RTL Boulevard as tech expert, by writing columns for different Dutch publications and she frequently gives lectures on stage.

The Techionista Awards 2018

The Techionista Agency wants to make female tech role models more visible. After all: they are the ones who will inspire other girls and women to aim for a career in ICT and tech themselves. We do that – among other things – by rewarding them with our yearly Techionista Awards, sponsorsed by Facebook, Microsoft, Google, SAS and dean one (see video above).

Of course we monitored the impact of the Techionista Awards. We can proudly say that we have generated 4.3 impressions in social- and editorial media.**

From within the Techionista Agency we also host online talkshows together with partners such as SAS and GoDataDriven. Together with partners like Microsoft and Google we organize events such as DigiLadies and Techionista’s Future Café.

**According to Meltwater

Techionista Academy: It’s all about knowledge

The Techionista Academy is empowering women via workshops, in company trainings and retraining programs. We’ve already empowered 500 women with coding skills in one day masterclasses. But we also organize masterclasses on Cybersecurity, Analytics or Blockchain. For women who want a bit more, we organize 5 day bootcamps, such as Techionista’s Empowerment Coding Bootcamp (see video below).

But what we’re most proud of: the retraining program we developed together with Microsoft: the first Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science, powered by Techionsta, DataChangers and the Johan Cruijff ArenA. In 12 weeks time 24 women completed modules on Azure Fundamentals, Transact-SQL, analysing and visualising data using Excel and PowerBI, statistics for data science, R and Python for data science, applied machine learning and predictive analytics. On top of that they’ve completed an extended soft skills program, where they’ve been trained in personal branding and communication skills. At the end of this program they’ve obtained the Microsoft Professional Program Data Science Certificate.
The Techionista Academy has international ambitions: so we hope to cross the border soon.

Techionista Company: Getting the job done

We want to go further than just inspiring and educating. We want to close the gender gap in ICT and tech. Therefore we’re in the midst of founding the Techionista Company. A woman who’s being retrained by the Techionista Academy will join the Techionista Talent Placement program of the Techionista Company. We want to remove any financial barriers for women who want to be retrained by paying them a salary during the educational program. This program is meant for graduates ánd women who already have a lot of work experience; after all: we not only believe in gender diversity but also in age diversity. Our retrained women become role models themselves. Of course we’ll make them even more visible from within the Techionista Agency. And thus: the circle is complete.

Meet the founders

Techionista's founders Tamira van Roeyen (links) en Vivianne Bendermacher tijdens de Techionista Awards 2018.

Techionista’s founders Tamira van Roeyen (left) and Vivianne Bendermacher during the Techionista Awards 2018.

Techionista’s Vivianne Bendermacher and Tamira van Roeyen boast many years of experience in the media world. Vivianne was previously Editor-in-Chief of popular science brands KIJK and Know How, and the Dutch weekly VIVA and is currently tech expert on Dutch national daily tv-show RTL Boulevard, a tech columnist for Technisch Weekblad (Technical Weekly). Tamira has worked as Marketing Manager for publications as Flair and VIVA and was the Digital Strategy and Transformation Manager of Sanoma’s female domain. Together they are committed to empowering women through technology. Their goal: to close the gender gap in ICT and technology.

Want to know more about our mission? Have a look at this TEDtalk by Vivianne on the urgency for women to embrace technology:

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